Jung Jae-young, APSA Best Performance by an Actor for Right Now, Wrong Then

Jung Jae-young 3Jung Jae-young has taken the coveted award of Best Performance by an Actor at the Asia pacific Screen Awards for his part in the film Right Now, Wrong Then. Written and directed by Hong Sang-Soo, this abstract cinematic jewel weaves a plot that mirrors and mimics its own industry with a romantic twist.

The plot has Jung Jae-young playing the lead role of Ham Chun-su, a filmmaker and presenter at a film festival in Suwon, South Korea. While drinking coffee, he meets a woman – Yoon Hee-jung (played by Kim Min-hee). The attractive artist and former model is drawn to his fame and they spend the day together – drinking, dinner, and then attending a party.

The film presents itself as two apparently separate entities, opening with the titles of “Right Then, Wrong Now” before the title “Right Now, Wrong Then” rolls almost exactly an hour later. The reversal of the film’s title suggests that, although each part cleverly portrays the same circumstances, the meaning isn’t necessarily the same.

Born on November 21, 1970 in Seoul, Jung Jae-young’s first prominent film role came in the film Guns & Talks in 2001. Shortly after, he convincingly played a ruthless, cruel-minded hustler in No Blood No Tears. This established Jae-young as one of South Korea’s most popular leading tough guys. His versatility became apparent when he showed a more sensitive side in the 2004 smash hit Welcome to Dongmakgol. He further displayed his chameleonic skills as a shy rural farmer in the 2005 film Wedding Campaign.

His film credits number into the dozens, dating back to 1996, and he has won twelve awards as an actor. Still a young man at 45, the cinematic world can expect Jung Jae-young to bring many more characters to life in the years to come.

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