Since I was Born

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Year 2013
Minutes 54
Location Palestinian Territory

Tamer is 11 and has grown up in the only home he knows–the Palestinian refugee camp behind the Israeli security wall. Life is oppressive and the people here have been boxed in for over two generations. Tamer’s father Nader was a resistance fighter who tries to protect his son from the horrors of the war and the dangers in the settlement camp. Like all children there he dreams of liberating his country, and to travel to the sea to be free. The Meditarrean Sea is only 40 kms away but virtually impossible for Palestinans to reach without security permits. Nader tries again and again over many years to take his son to see the ocean, and in this tender and revealing documentary the plight of the Palestinians themselves is embodied in the hopes and dreams of young Tamer, and the disillusionment and scarring of his father Nader. Poignant, lyrical and cinematic, this film will move and delight you.

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