Rise Of The Eco Warriors

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Year 2014
Film maker Cathy Henkel
Producer Richard Hearman, Cathy Henkel and Mark White
Crew Produced by Virgo Productions and Canopy Indonesia. Written and Directed by Cathy Henkel Producers: Richard Hearman, Cathy Henkel and Mark White Executive Producers: Alan Finney, Jenny Lalor, Cathy Overett
Location Borneo

Rise of the Eco-Warriors is a story of passion and adventure as a group of young people from across the globe leave their known worlds behind and spend 100 days in the jungles of Borneo. They come to confront one of the great global challenges of our time, saving rainforests and orangutans. But their task is enormous and the odds are against them.

DeforestAction, a global schools program, puts out a call for 15 young people to join renowned scientist and reforestation expert, Dr Willie Smits in the jungle for a bold experiment in confronting deforestation. He takes the young Eco-Warriors into the heart of Borneo where they see first-hand the devastation that palm oil expansion is bringing to local communities and wildlife. An orphaned baby orangutan, Jojo, is entrusted into their care, and they embark on a plan to return her and other rescued orangutans to their forest home.

At the end of the first 20 days, the Eco-Warriors form four teams and work with Willie to develop realistic action plans for working with the local communities, restoring rainforest and helping orangutans. But first they must head home to raise awareness and build the support they need to implement their plans.

Five months later, eleven of the Eco-Warriors return to Borneo. The dynamic of the group has changed dramatically as four of their original team are unable to return for personal or career reasons. They also confront the reality that the fundraising and backing they had hoped for has not materialized. Despite these set-backs, they revise their action plans and get to work.

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