Our Generation

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Year 2011
Minutes 60
Film maker Mary Lambert, Damien Curtis
Crew Filmmaker: Damien Curtis;   Filmmaker: Mary Lambert

Australia’s image to the world often features the didgeridoo and Aboriginal art. The country prides itself on its Aboriginal culture and heritage.

But what is its real relationship with the Aboriginal people living today?

This powerful documentary explores the hidden scandal of Indigenous relations in Australia, and the Australian Aboriginal struggle for their land, culture and freedom. Featuring the stories of the remote Yolngu tribe of Northeast Arnhem Land, one of the last strongholds of traditional Aboriginal culture in Australia, as well as the voices of national indigenous leaders, historians and human rights advocates, the film explores the ongoing clash of cultures that is threatening to wipe out the oldest continuing culture in the world.

Australia’s Aborigines have some of the worst health statistics and living conditions of any Indigenous group in the world, even though they live in one of its richest countries. Despite the government’s National Apology to the Aborigines in 2008, paternalism and assimilation continue to wreak havoc on their lives. Current government policies, whilst claiming to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, are further disempowering Aboriginal communities and separating them from their lands, culture and languages. The United Nations has repeatedly condemned the government for racial discrimination. But Aboriginal lands contain a large proportion of Australia’s precious natural resources, including uranium, which the government and mining corporations are determined to exploit. The “Children of the Sunrise” are fighting for freedom. This is their untold story, and their message stick to the world.

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