I’m a Stripper, So What?

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Year 2013
Minutes 31
Film maker Chantal Denoux
Crew Producer: Chantal Denoux; Executive Producer: Colin Handley; Director of Photography: Liam O.Brian;   Editor: Nathan Helder;   Other: Vincent Jacq (Music)
Location Australia

In these days, the stereotyped image of all strippers as drugs addicts, whores and brainless ‘bimbos’ is over…These new-age strippers break the mould – they are multi graduates, law students or successful businesswomen. Through interviews and filmed scenes of their bared bodies, the film explores the lives of these strippers. Not only have these exotic dancers overcome personal hurdles, they have to deal with the daily scrutiny of their profession as well as fighting for their safety. Some girls are constantly faced with the possibility of meeting someone they know or being recognized by parents, boyfriends or colleagues. Both riveting and insightful, this half an hour documentary delves into the fascinating world of adult entertainment.

Price $2.99

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