Blast ‘Em: A Celebrity Stakeout!

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Year 1992
Minutes 103

BLAST ‘EM offers a comical, bold and disrespectful view of the world of paperazzi and their famous prey. They steal up on and photograph their subjects, sometimes with their consent, usually without. The main character of this film is Victor Malafronte, a young professional photographer from New York, who is well-known as the most aggressive and talented of the new generation of ‘photography-killers’. He and his pals take the viewer on a ‘ride on the wild side’, hunting for Madonna (jogging), Michael J. Fox (also jogging), John F. Kennedy jr., Willem Dafoe, Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver, and others (who are doing things celebrities do). Besides images of these photographers who are trying to sell their pictures to the highest bidder, the film explores the seemingly endless obsession of the audience with the rich and famous. BLAST ‘EM forces us to ponder on popular-cultural values that we find self-evident. Directed by Joseph Blasioli, Egidio Coccimiglio.

Price $3.99

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