America’s Darkest Secrets

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Year 2012
Minutes 35

America’s Dark Secrets Documentary takes a look at some of the most infamous extremists, radical & cult groups in American history.  We also highlight the recent case involving the allege Black Hebrews crimes in Durham, North Carolina. What were the ties to top-secret government agencies; mass murders, suicides, illegal drug experimentation and the abundance of racial injustice? Who profits off of such groups? Are these extremists victims of urban terrorism, culprits or simply both?


This documentary focuses on three main stories linked to a covert human experimentation program called MK Ultra created in 1953.  ??First, we look at the 1974 kidnapping by the Symbionese Liberation Army of a world famous newspaper heiress’ daughter named Patty Hearst in Berkeley, California.  Its leader was ?Donald “Cinque” Defreeze, an African – American male & ex-convict.  ??Next, is the biggest single loss of life prior to 9/11 led by cult leader Jim Jones.  The charismatic preacher led a crusade of mostly minorities from San Francisco, California in 1979 to the jungles of Guyana, South America. One determined U.S. Congressman Leo Ryan wanted to put a stop to Jones & aggressively pursue top-secret government involvement.  Ryan was investigating & threatening to leak information to the government on the Jones & Patty Hearst cases.  He was assassinated in the line of duty on an airstrip in Guyana, along with several news journalists.  ??The 3rd segment is the May 13, 1985 bombing of a radical group called “Move”, who protested against police brutality in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The bomb killed six African – American adults and five children.  Nine members of the Move group were prosecuted & convicted of killing a white police officer by a former Pennsylvania governor.  ??200 children in Jonestown, 5 in Philadelphia and a recent one murdered & buried in North Carolina; we all fall short but go a little too far when harming defenseless “kids”.  If we don’t know our past, how can we adequately be prepared for the future?

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