Aftermath: The Remnants of War

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Year 2001
Minutes 72

AFTERMATH is a feature-lenghth documentary which takes us to Bosnia, France, Russia and Vietnam to meet a series of unique people. A Frenchman picks up unexploded bombs from the First World War; a Russian tries to identify bones from the Second World War; a Vietnamese struggles with the lingering effects of Agent Orange from the Vietnam War; and Bosnians live in an environment studded with mine-fields. Their stories flow from one to the next, providing portraits of man’s inhumanity to man but also our ability to heal old wounds. With a mix of never before seen footage, stock images, narration and original score, AFTERMATH is a reminder that we will continue to pay for the last century’s legacy of war for years to come, and that future generations will pay for contemporary events which are occurring even now. Aftermath is based on the Lionel Gelber Prize winning book by American author Donovan Webster. Directed by Daniel Sekulich.

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