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Thomas Johnson


Born from an Australian father and an English mother, Thomas Johnson grew up in France. After starting medical studies and finishing his studies to become a Psychologist, he went on to a career as a journalist and reporter for the magazine Actuel for whom he covered during ten years, the fall of the Soviet Empire. In 1992, he started redirected his scientific knowledge and journalistic and humanistic beliefs to writing and directing documentary films that are broadcasted on all major TV channels and were awarded at festivals in France and abroad.

After many films both investigative and scientific, making films on topics such as the origins of mankind, Lessons of the great apes, to The Green Gold as well as three films on the September 11th suicide bombers. The films he made around nuclear energy have been particularly noticed. He directed a trilogy that includes The Battle of Chernobyl (2006 – 1×90 ‘- Prix Italia, Europa, Input, BANFF, UNAFF …) Atomic Alert (2009 – 1×90′-Best Documentary European Science and Media Awards dealing with environment) and Getting out (or not) of Nuclear Energy (2012 – 1×90 ‘), made after the Fukushima disaster. He also directed Thirty Years of War in the Name of God ( 2×52 ‘), a survey of the instrumentalization of God in the Middle East.

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