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1149102_607882699289389_1002899031_oBorn in the Kurdish city of Baneh in 1976, Taha Karimi embraced film academia and the passing on of his filmmaking knowledge with the same degree of passion he brought to his productions. Among several industry bodies that he participated in were the Council of Iranian Youth Cinema and the Documentary and Experimental Film Centre in Tehran.

A graduate of the Cinema and Theatre courses at Tehran’s College of Science and Art, Karimi applied an incisive narrative focus in a series of short films that highlighted social injustice and universal human truths, usually filtered through the Kurdish experience. His 2009 short, Oil The Cancer of My City, won the Special Jury Prize at Romania’s Alternative Film Festival.

“To me Kurdistan is like an old, tired and injured mother; a broken-hearted mum full to the brim with stories and experiences,” Karimi has said. “Her heart is full of untold tales.”

His feature films explored elements such as the region’s ongoing ethnic conflicts (The Qandil Mountains, 2010), the shadow of genocide (I am a White Mercenary, 2012) and reconciling the horrors of the past (the APSA-nominated 1001 Apples, 2013).

On May 29, 2013, 37 year-old Taha Karimi passed away from injuries sustained in a car accident near the township of Silemani in Kurdistan. He was nearing completion of a Master’s Degree in Art Research as well being in post-production on 1001 Apples. The film is being represented on the global film festival circuit by the late director’s brother, Hawre Karimi.

Short Films
2009: Naft-saratan shahr man (Oil, the Cancer of My City) / Documentary / 25 min
2006: Kouhestan-e Sefid (White Mountain) / Fiction / 30min.
2004: Karnameh Dictator (Workbook of a Dictator)  / Documentary / 10 episodes of 20 min for TV.
2003: Zarian / (Zarian) Fiction / 26min.
2002: Marzeh Zendegui (Life Border) / Fiction / 20 min.

Feature Films
2013: 1001 Apples / Docu-Drama / 74 min / Iraq
2012: I am a White Mercenary / Documentary / 64min / Iraq
2010: The Qandil Mountain / Fiction / 94min / Iraq

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