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Stefan Lovgren


I am a journalist, author and filmmaker — not sure in which order. I was born and grew up in Sweden, but have spent most of my adult life in the United States and Africa. In 1997, I graduated with a Master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York and began working as a journalist in Africa.  For five years I was the Africa correspondent for US News & World Report, based in Kenya and covering major news events around the African continent.

Upon returning to the United States, I worked as a contributor for the National Geographic Society for many years, writing articles for National Geographic News and various NG magazines. I also wrote and produced news videos and television programs for National Geographic shows such as “Wild Chronicles.” In 2008, I won the AAAS science journalism award for a multimedia series about the largest freshwater fish around the world.

As a filmmaker, I made “Return to Virunga,” a documentary about the last remaining mountain gorillas. I have also written several screenplays, including “Rift Valley,” based on my own magazine investigation into the suspicious death of an American priest in Kenya. I’m an avid football enthusiast and have reported for NBC Sports and other media from the 2002, 2006 and 2010 World Cups. For several years I have been working on a film project called “Africa’s Game,” about the power and grassroots potential of football in Africa.

In 2012, I wrote my first book, “En Bluffpilots Bekännelse” (Confessions of a Fake Pilot), published in Swedish by Norstedts. It is the wild story of Thomas Salme, an airline captain who flew commercially without a pilot’s license for 13 years. In 2013, I wrote “Svennis: Min historia,” the autobiography of legendary Swedish football coach and former England manager Sven-Göran Eriksson. I also wrote the English version of the book, “Sven: My Story,” which was published simultaneously on November 5 in the UK. The book has sold to four additional countries.

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