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Quentin Tarantino

QuentinTarantinoQuentin Tarantino is one of the most popular modern writers and directors in Hollywood, exploding on the scene in the early 1990s with the acclaimed popular culture gangster film, Reservoir Dogs. It was later called the “greatest independent film of all time” by Empire magazine.

Tarantino was born in Knoxville, Tennessee and worked in a video store in Los Angeles in his early years, watching cult films and analysing the styles and direction for his own work. He often utilises non-linear storytelling techniques and violence or the threat of violence within his narratives.

When Reservoir Dogs was independently released in 1992 it took Sundance Film Festival by storm and Tarantino became an instant legend. Tarantino followed up with Pulp Fiction in 1994, which also became an instant cult classic, and won the coveted Palme D’Or Award at the Cannes Film Festival that year. At the Academy Awards in 1995 it was nominated for best picture, best director and best screenplay, which it won.

Tarantino ushered in an age of hip new writers and directors in Hollywood that often worked low budget and indy style. His later films included a homage to the blaxploitation era with Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, a “revenge flick: in the style of Japanese martial arts genres, and Inglourious Basterds, an alternative take on Nazi Germany.

In 2012 he released Django Unchained, a western film set in the deep South of the USA that became the highest-grossing film of his career thus far, taking in over $425 million at the box office.

Time magazine named Tarantino one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World in 2005.

The Hateful Eight (filming)
2012 Django Unchained
2009 Inglourious Basterds
2007 Death Proof
2007 Grindhouse (segment “Death Proof”)
2005 Sin City (special guest director)
2004 Kill Bill: Vol. 2
2003 Kill Bill: Vol. 1
1997 Jackie Brown
1995 Four Rooms (segment “The Man from Hollywood”)
1994 Pulp Fiction
1992 Reservoir Dogs
1987 My Best Friend’s Birthday
1983 Love Birds in Bondage (Short) (unfinished)

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