Oliver Stoltz was born in Bonn in 1969. He studied film production in Potsdam at the Film and Television University…

In 2010, Jeremy directed DIVE!, Living Off America’s Waste. His 2nd film, GMO OMG, tells the story of the take over of our food supply by chemical companies,

Florian Opitz is a documentary filmmaker, director & writer known for The Big Sellout (2007), Speed: In Search of Lost Time (2012) and 24 Hours Berlin (2009).

Jim Bruce stepped out of some of Hollywood's senior edit suites and into the limelight as a director with his…

Thomas Fazi is an activist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He co-directed Standing Army (2010), a feature-length documentary on US military bases which was sold in over 20 countries and selected at more than 30 international festivals. He has also translated into Italian the books of authors such as Christopher Hitchens, George Soros and Robert B. Reich.

Director Paul Cox was born in Holland and grew up in Melbourne, Australia. A prolific filmmaker, he taught photography and…

His other directorial credits include My Mother’s Village, in which Paskievich delves into the experience of other Ukrainian-Canadians, The Gypsies of Svinia, If Only I Were an Indian and the Genie Award-winning short film Ted Baryluk’s Grocery.

As a filmmaker, I made “Return to Virunga,” a documentary about the last remaining mountain gorillas. I have also written several screenplays, including “Rift Valley,” based on my own magazine investigation into the suspicious death of an American priest in Kenya.

2006 saw Moland premiering the 1970s-drama Comrade Pedersen (also a hit with both critics and audiences), before presenting yet another tour-de-force in 2010 with A Somewhat Gentle Man.

Many of his works, where he acted as author, director and/or producer, have been coproduced by different European TV-channels such as ZDF, ARTE, RAI, ORF, YLE, IKON and where presented at several international festivals.

He directed a trilogy that includes The Battle of Chernobyl (2006 – 1×90 ‘- Prix Italia, Europa, Input, BANFF, UNAFF …) Atomic Alert (2009 – 1×90’-Best Documentary European Science and Media Awards dealing with environment) and Getting out (or not) of Nuclear Energy (2012 – 1×90 ‘), made after the Fukushima disaster.

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