Quentin Tarantino is one of the most popular modern writers and directors in Hollywood, exploding on the scene in the early 1990s with the acclaimed popular culture gangster film, Reservoir Dogs. It was later called the “greatest independent film of all time” by Empire magazine.

His first feature-length documentary, When My Sorrow Died: The Legend Of Armen Ra & The Theremin (2014), has been highly acclaimed, winning Best Film and Best International Documentary at the 2014 Byron Bay Film Festival, Director’s Choice at Illuminate Film Festival, Winner.

Nora Aunor is one of the Phillipines most beloved actresses, starring in over 180 feature films, stage and TV.

Born in 1965 in China, Screenwriter/Director Ye Lou is known as one of the ‘Sixth Generation’ Directors of Chinese cinema…

Isao Takahata (高畑 勲) is a Japanese film director, animator, screenwriter and producer who has earned critical international acclaim for his work as a director of anime films.

His latest, the APSA-nominated Test, is Aleksandr Kott’s most ambitious project yet and shows a filmmaker growing increasingly confident with his art and craft.

A graduate of the Cinema and Theatre courses at Tehran’s College of Science and Art, Karimi applied an incisive narrative focus in a series of short films that highlighted social injustice and universal human truths, usually filtered through the Kurdish experience.

Robert Connolly was born in 1967 in Sydney, Australia and is now based in Melbourne. He is a film director, producer and screenwriter.

Born in China in 1947, Ann Hui moved to Hong Kong when whe was still in her youth. After graduating in English and Comparative Litereature from Hong Kong University, whe spent two years at London Film School. Returning to Hong Kong, she worked as an assistant to director King Hu before joining TVB to direct drama series and short documentaries. In 1977, she produced and directed six films for the ICAC and in 1978, she made three episodes for the RTHK series, Below the Lion Rock. Shen the made her debut feature file, The Secret, in 1979.

Mi-re Kim is an award-winning documentary director and producer. Based in Seoul, Mi-re was born on a small farm in Korea’s North Chungcheong province. She is on the steering committee of the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video.

Mi-Re Kim’s films often comment on gender discrimination in male-dominated workplaces and the ways that female workers must fight against it. She directed the film Always Dream of Tomorrow in 2001, and most recently completed the 2013 documentary Sanda, about the daily lives of middle-aged workers at a telecom company in Korea. The documentary has won praise for its examination of the way real workers are surviving by just scraping by–especially in the current economic climate.

French investigative reporter, Paul Moreira founded in 2006 Premières Lignes, a French independent television news agency, producing investigative documentaries for the major French networks and international distribution.

Manuel H. Martin has developed extensive work as a producer and director of advertising and corporate productions, as well as several short films

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