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John Rado

JRADO_HeadJohn Rado has been involved in film, theatre & television since 1981. He has a post graduate diploma in directing from NIDA. He was the Artistic Director of New Theatre and Voices Theatre, an Associate Director at The State Theatre Company of South Australia and has acted in, directed and designed lighting for over 60 theatre productions. His credits include acting in several episodes of TV series such as Silent Witness and Robin Hood for the BBC, The Borgias, World Without End, Napoleon and The Pillars of the Earth for Showtime, and feature films such as Machotaildrop for Film Canada, Treasure Island for BCA, Max, Game of Swords and Magic Boys. During his career John feels he has been very fortunate to have had some of the greatest teachers, directors, actors and mentors influence his work and his mind. He’s worked alongside people like Rodney Fisher, Steven Berkoff, Jeremy Irons, Neil Jordan, Miranda Richardson, Donald Sutherland, Ian McShane, Michael Madsen and Vinnie Jones. For a full list of his acting work in film and television see his official biography on IMDB at John returned to Australia in December 2012 and has worked independently in making Documentary and Short Films. He is currently the General Manager of Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre. He is Co-Producing his first feature film, Who Unlocked The Gate starring Tony Barry, Jack Thompson, Michael Caton and John Jarratt. John has joined Meet The as their Creative Director, working to develop the company and launch some exciting on-line productions.


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