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Jack Thompson

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‘Mao’s Last Dancer’, ‘Australia’, ‘Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones’, ‘The Assassination of Richard Nixon’, ‘The Sum of Us’, ‘Leatherheads’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’ are some of the movies that the beloved Jack Thompson has appeared in.

Born in 1940 in Sydney Australia, award-winning Thompson is one of the best-known lead actors in numerous celebrated Australian films.

Controversially, in 1972, he was the first nude male centerfold in Cleo magazine.

His mother died when he was just four years old, leaving his father, a merchant seaman, unable to care for him and his brother. He was sent to a boarding school by his father and was later adopted by his best friends parents. His adopted brother is the film reviewer Peter Thompson.

Quite the ‘Don Juan’ of Australia, Thompson has two sons. The first Patrick was born with his first wife Beverley and his second, Billy, during a 15-year polyamorous relationship with both Leona King and her sister Bunkie.

Jack Thompson Filmography

2015 Blue World Order (post-production)
2015 Diamonds Down Under (pre-production)
2015 Ruben Guthrie
2013 Around the Block
2013 Mystery Road
2013 The Great Gatsby
2013 Blinder
2011 Oakie’s Outback Adventures
2010 Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
2009 Mao’s Last Dancer
2008 Australia
2008 Leatherheads
2008 Ten Empty
2007 December Boys
2006 The Good German
2005 Feed
2005 Man-Thing
2004 Oyster Farmer
2004 The Assassination of Richard Nixon
2002 Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
2001 Original Sin
2001 Yolngu Boy
2000 The Magic Pudding
1999 Feeling Sexy
1997 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
1997 Under the Lighthouse Dancing
1997 Excess Baggage
1996 Last Dance
1996 Broken Arrow
1995 Flight of the Albatross
1994 Resistance
1994 The Sum of Us
1993 A Far Off Place
1992 Ruby Cairo
1992/I Wind
1992 Turtle Beach
1987 Ground Zero
1986 Short Circuit
1985 Burke & Wills
1985 Flesh+Blood
1983 Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
1982 The Man from Snowy River
1981 Bad Blood
1980 The Club
1980 The Earthling
1980 Breaker Morant
1979 The Journalist
1978 The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
1976 Mad Dog Morgan
1976 Caddie
1975 That Lady from Peking
1975 Scobie Malone
1975 Sunday Too Far Away
1974 Petersen
1974 Marijuana: Possession and the Law
1973 Libido
1971 Wake in Fright

2013 Around the Block (executive producer)
2005 Feed (executive producer)

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