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Emin Alper

Emin AlperEmin Alper has won the prestigious, APSA Jury Grand Prize 2015 for his film Frenzy, a film about paranoia in the age of terrorism, which has become even more pertinent in the light of recent events with the war in Syria and the flood of refugees playing the increasing fears of Turks.

Born in 1974, Emin Alper was trained in economics and history and holds a PhD in Modern Turkish History. However love of cinema persuaded him to pursue filmmaking as a career.

He is the writer and director of short films The Letter (2005) and Rıfat (2006), and teaches in the humanities department at Istanbul Technical University. He teaches in the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at Istanbul Technical University.

His first feature, Beyond the Hill (Tepenin Ardi 2012), received numerous awards, including the Caligari Film Prize from the Berlin International Film Festival; it was named Best Film in the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.


Frenzy (Abluka)2015, Writer/Director
Beyond the Hill (Tepenin Ardi) 2012, Writer /Director/ Producer
Crash (Short) 2005, Actor
Apartment (Short) 2004, Actor

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